Playing Laser Tag

lasertag is an action packed game where players wear electronic vests and ‘tag’ each other with ‘phasors’ to score points.

At Laser Tag Wagga, we operate the state-of-the-art NexusPRO range of the Nexus Laser Tag system. NexusPRO offers a cutting-edge gameplay experience with multi-coloured vests that provide rich audio and visual feedback, paired with a variety of games designed to suit all players. Unlike some systems, the vests are light and durable. This allows for smaller children to play and enjoy the game.

NexusPRO also comes with a host of arena devices such as Base Stations, Energizers/Mines and Targets to enhance the in-game experience.

Your game at Laser Tag Wagga will be played in a fluorescent three level arena, famous for losing people in its tricky corridors! Music is playing into the arena and the enemy is everywhere!

Game formats

Laser Tag is often playable in many formats. The more typical game styles include:

Solo Games: everybody vs. everybody

Team Games: groups of players work together against other groups

Please note that while we try to make as many options available for you as possible, our staff may select a game format for your game to ensure that the game is as fair and enjoyable as possible for all players involved.

Rules of Play

Laser-tag is a non-contact game, played in a fluorescent maze with obstacles and bases. Due to the dim lighting and obstacles, Laser Tag Wagga must enforce some practical Rules of Play. Players must obey the directions given by Staff. Failure to follow directions or breaking any of the safety rules may result in a player being removed from the game and refused re-entry.

Prior to your game, you will be given a briefing on how to play the game, how your vest and phasor work, how to avoid or attain the accessory devices in the arena, and the rules of play.

In general, the safety rules are:

  • No Running!
  • No Climbing!
  • No Physical Contact!
  • No Swearing!

Come and play in the largest laser tag maze in NSW!.

Have fun with our state-of-the-art Nexus Laser Tag system

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